d730 Heart Go On (Celine Dion)

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__*d730 Heart Go On (Celine Dion) d730.
. My heart will go on (1997 Celine Dion). 영화 타이타닉 주제곡 Theme song of Titanic _01 Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you. That is how I know you go on. Far across the distance And spaces between us. You have come to show you go on. Near far wherever you are. I believe that the heart does go on. Once more you open the door. And you're here in my heart. And my heart will go on and on. Love can touch us one time. And last for a lifetime. And never let go 'til we're gone. Love was when I loved you. One true time I hold to. In my life we'll always go on. You're here. There's nothing I fear. And I know that my heart will go on. We'll stay forever this way. You are safe in my heart. And my heart will go on and on. _02 영화 타이타닉 1997 미국영화 감독 제임스 카메론. 잭 도슨 (레오나르도 디카프리오). 로즈 드윗 부카터 (케이트 윈즐릿). 1912.0415M 발생한 타이타닉 침몰사고를 각색한 영화.