e190 Beautiful Mistakes (Maroon 5)

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__*e190 Beautiful Mistakes (Maroon 5) e190.
. _01 It's beautiful, it's bittersweet You're like a broken home to me I take a shot of memories And black out like an empty street I fill my days with the way you walk And fill my nights with broken dreams I make up lies inside my head Like one day you'll come back to me _02 Now I'm not holding on, I'm just depressed that you're gone Not holding on _03 Beautiful mistakes, I make inside my head She's naked in my bed And now we lie awake, making beautiful mistakes I wouldnt take them back I'm in love with the past And now we lie awake, making beautiful mistakes _04 Nah-nah-nah in my head Nah-nah-nah in my bed Nah-nah-nah eh Making beautiful mistakes _05 It's pitiful, I cant believe How every day gets worse for me I take a break, I cut you off To keep myself from looking soft I fill my nights with the way you was And still wake up with broken dreams I make these lies inside my head Feel like they're my reality