Note 노트 (AZ)

__* Note 노트 (AZ)
* abcdefu (Gayle) d390 . Adagio (Lara Fabian) e150. Afterglow (Ed Sheeran) c581. Again Again (2PM) b730. Air New Zealand b440 . All for you 쿨 c560. Arcade (Duncan Laurence) d770. Aseo 아서 2021.04 a430. Aseo 아서 2021.10 a432. Astronaut in the ocean (Masked Wolf) f140 . Ave Maria (Celine Dion) b790. * Bad Habits (Ed Sheeran) c582. BC AD 차이점 a310. Beautiful Life (Ace.of.Base) e332. Beautiful Mistakes (Maroon 5) e190. Before you go (Lewis Capaldi) d910. Begging (Maneskin) c530 . Believe Fly (Kelly) e270. Besame Mucho (Andrea Bocelli) e160. Better Days (Neiked) a730. Bible Keyword 성서 핵심 a930. Billie Jean b490. Bone Flesh 뼈 살 d160. BTS 그리고 방시혁 c350. Buddha 부처님 c670. Butter (BTS) c720 . * Cain Abel 카인 아벨 a940. China 중국 a720. Circle 둥근원 c650. Circles (Post Malone) e980. Close to me (Ellie Diplo) e240. Cold Heart (Elton John Dua Lipa) e250. Coming of Jesus 예수 재림 a950. Complicated (Avril Lavigne) d970. Conquer myself 나를 이기자 a780. Control (Zoe Wees) e120. Crazy Love (Mindy Gledhill) e130.
* Dance Monkey (Tones and I) a130. Deja Vu (Olivia Rodrigo) c622 . Division Sin Sinner 분열 죄 죄인 a960. Do Re Mi 도레미 b470. Do you hear the people sing (Les Miserables) e350. Doc와 함께 춤을 (DJ Doc) e760. Donde Voy e310. Dont Cry 지나 e630. Dont Start Now (Dua Lipa) a180. Dont Turn Around d760. Dream Dream d990. Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo) c621 . * Easy on me (Adele) a270. Eli Eli (Tajci) a560. Eucharistic Prayer 2 감사기도 2 d340. Eucharistic Prayer 2 Song d341. Every breath you take (Police) d890. Everything I wanted (Billie Eilish) a160. * Fingers Crossed (Lauren Spencer) d530. First Last 첫째 꼴찌 a980. Food Sleep Job Money 밥잠일돈 d180. Four Ability 사능四能 d190.
* Gabriel Oboe (Ennio Morricone) a521. Game of Thones 왕좌의 게임 c870. Ghost (Justin Bieber) c741 . Ghost Busters c340. God Number 성서번호 d220. Goguryeo 고구려 c481. Goguryeo Silla Baekje 고구려 신라 백제 c480. Good 4 U (Olivia Rodrigo) c620 . * Happy Nation (Ace.of.Base) e330. Havana (Camila) d920. Heart Go On (Celine Dion) d730. Heat Waves (Glass Animals) d410 . Heaven Purgatory Hell 천국 연옥 지옥 b170. Hit it (Black Eyed) e430 . Holiday (Lil Nas) e280. Holy (Justin Bieber) c742. Home 박효신 e710. Human Law God Law Df 사람법 하느님법 차이점 b120. Humble Proud 겸손 교만 b130. * I did it again (Britney Spears) d831. I dont care (Ed Sheeran) c583. If I needed you (Broken Circle) e170. In Three Out Two 내향삼三 외향이二 d280. Industry Baby (Lil Nas) e281 .
* J에게 이선희 e470. Jesus 예수님 c780. Justice Sandel b930. Jesus Death Live Again 예수죽음 예수부활 b150. * Kiss and Say Goodbye (Manhattans) e110. Kiss me more (Doja Cat) c522 . * Laudate Dominum (1780 Mozart) d650. Leave the door open (Bruno Mars) c690 . Let it Go (Elsa) e360. Levitating (Dua Lipa) a181. Listen Heart (DHT) d960. Logic Three Art Two 논리삼三 예술이二 d170. Lonely (Justin Bieber) c743. Lost (Maroon 5) e191. Love Again (Dua Lipa) a182 . Love Sacrifice 사랑 희생 d320. Lovefool (Cardigans) d850.
* Make happy (Sheryl) e320. Man Woman Word 남자의 말 여자의 말 a660. Mary Did you Know a540. Meant for me (Jewel) c140. Meet me at our spot (Anxiety) d660 . Mercy Compassion b961. Miss Korea 미스 코리아 b870. Mission Film 미션 영화 a520. Mobarza b640 . Montero Call me by your name (Lil Nas X) e282 . Mood (24k Goldn) d670 . Mufillyou 무필유 無必有 c570. My Ex's Best Friend (Machine Gun Kelly) c810 . My First Book 나의 처음책 a431. * Need to Know (Doja Cat) c520 . Nella Fantasia 넬라 판타지아 (Sarah Brightman) a522. Never Ending Story (부활 이승철) e860. North Korea 북한 c610. * One more time (Britney Spears) d830. One Right Now (Post Malone) d440 .
* Pain Poor God Will 아픔 가난 하느님 뜻 b160. Peaches (Justin Bieber) c740 . Positions (Ariana Grande) c761 . Pov (Ariana Grande) c760 . Power of Love (Celine Dion) d731. Process Three Result Two 과정삼三 결과이二 c590. Psycho (Dixie) d680 . * Question Mark 물음표 d580. * Reckless (Madison Beer) d690 .
* Salvation Love Loved 구원 사랑함 사랑받음 b190. Salve Regina (Sister Act) e340. Save your tears (Weeknd) d930. Señorita (Shawn Camila) d921. Seoul 서울 c230. Seoul Subway 서울 지하철 c730. Seven Fun 일곱재미 c630. Shape of my heart (Sting) e390. Shape of Satan 사탄의 모습 b210. Shivers (Ed Sheeran) c580 . Some Nights (Fun) d880. Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) d911. Sorrow to live 슬퍼서 살아야 하네 d470. Spirit Truth 성령 진리 b220. Squid Game 오징어 게임 c710. Stay (Kid Laroi) c510 . Sunny (Boney M) b890. * Take it Easy (Eagles) e230. Take me Home Country Roads (John Denver) d940. Take You Dancing (Jason Derulo) e180. Tears 소찬휘 b590. Tell me Pretty (Brynn) e210. Thats what I want (Lil Nax) a670. The Sign (Ace.of.Base) e331. Touch Love 윤미래 c380. Trampoline (Shaed) d780. * UN 공용어로 한국어 채택 a470 . Unbreak My Heart (Toni Braxton) d950.
* Vague Half Df 애매曖昧 반반半半 차이점 a690. Vincent (Don Mclean) e140. * Water Cold Hot 물 냉온 c820. We Built City (Starship) d980. We dont talk about Bruno (Encanto OST) c250. We're Good (Dua Lipa) a183 . What is Pain? 아픔이란 무엇인가? c680. What is Sin? 무엇이 죄인가? c950. What you know bout love (Pop Smoke) d710 . Who saw God? 누가 하느님을 보았는가? b230. Wind Come Love Come 바람이 분다 사랑이 온다 c181. With Me 휘성 e680. Without You (Kid Laroi) c511. Won Number 원불번호 d230. * You are beautiful (James Blunt) a480. You are Dust 너는 먼지이니 d620. You broke me first (Tate McRae) d860. You Got Friend (Carole King) e290. You Right (Doja Cat) c521 .
* 34+35 (Ariana Grande) c762 . 903호 아주머니 층간소음 해결방법 b240 .