Note 노트 (AZ)

__☆ Note 노트 (AZ) 180
* abcdefu (Gayle) d390 . Adagio (Lara Fabian) e150 . Afterglow (Ed Sheeran) c581 . Again Again (2PM) b730 . Air New Zealand b440 . All for you 쿨 c560 . Aphrodite Venus 아프로디테 비너스 d740 . Arcade (Duncan Laurence) d770 . Aseo 아서 2021.04 a430 . Aseo 아서 2021.10 a432 . Aseo 아서 2022.08 a433 . Astronaut in the ocean (Masked Wolf) f140 . Ave Maria (Celine Dion) b790 . Bad Habits (Ed Sheeran) c582 . BC AD 차이점 a310 . Beautiful Life (Ace.of.Base) e332 . Beautiful Mistakes (Maroon 5) e190 . Before you go (Lewis Capaldi) d910 . Begging (Maneskin) c530 . Believe Fly (Kelly) e270 . Besame Mucho (Andrea Bocelli) e160 . Better Days (Neiked) a730 . Bible Keyword 성서 핵심 a930 . Billie Jean b490 . Bone Flesh 뼈 살 d160 . BTS 그리고 방시혁 c350 . Buddha 부처님 c670 . Butter (BTS) c720 . .
* Cain Abel 카인 아벨 a940 . Cant feel my face (Weeknd) d931 . China 중국 a720 . Circle 둥근원 c650 . Circles (Post Malone) e980 . Close to me (Ellie Diplo) e240 . Cold Heart (Elton John Dua Lipa) e250 . Coming of Jesus 예수 재림 a950 . Complicated (Avril Lavigne) d970 . Conquer myself 나를 이기자 a780 . Control (Zoe Wees) e120 . Crazy Love (Mindy Gledhill) e130 . Dance Monkey (Tones and I) a130 . Deja Vu (Olivia Rodrigo) c622 . Division Sin Sinner 분열 죄 죄인 a960 . Do Re Mi 도레미 b470 . Do you hear the people sing (Les Miserables) e350 . Doc와 함께 춤을 (DJ Doc) e760 . Donde Voy e310 . Dont Cry 지나 e630 . Dont Start Now (Dua Lipa) a180 . Dont Turn Around d760 . Dream Dream d990 . Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo) c621 . .
* Easy on me (Adele) a270 . Eli Eli (Tajci) a560 . Eucharistic Prayer 2 감사기도 2 d340 . Eucharistic Prayer 2 Song d341 . Every breath you take (Police) d890 . Everything I wanted (Billie Eilish) a160 . Fingers Crossed (Lauren Spencer) d530 . First Last 첫째 꼴찌 a980 . Food Sleep Job Money 밥잠일돈 d180 . Four Ability 사능四能 d190 . .
* Gabriel Oboe (Ennio Morricone) a521 . Game of Thones 왕좌의 게임 c870 . Ghost (Justin Bieber) c741 . Ghost Busters c340 . God Number 성서번호 d220 . Goguryeo 고구려 c481 . Goguryeo Silla Baekje 고구려 신라 백제 c480 . Good 4 U (Olivia Rodrigo) c620 . Happy Nation (Ace.of.Base) e330 . Havana (Camila) d920 . Heart Go On (Celine Dion) d730 . Heat Waves (Glass Animals) d410 . Hell Heaven Purgatory 지옥 천국 연옥 b170 . Hit it (Black Eyed) e430 . Holiday (Lil Nas) e280 . Holy (Justin Bieber) c742 . Home 박효신 e710 . House of Dragon 하우스 오브 드래곤 c871 . Human Law God Law Df 사람법 하느님법 차이점 b120 . Humble Proud 겸손 교만 b130 . I did it again (Britney Spears) d831 . I dont care (Ed Sheeran) c583 . If I needed you (Broken Circle) e170 . In Three Out Two 내향삼三 외향이二 d280 . Industry Baby (Lil Nas) e281 . Israel 이스라엘 c930 . J에게 이선희 e470 . Jesus 예수님 c780 . Justice Sandel b930 . Jesus Death Live Again 예수죽음 예수부활 b150 . .
* Kiss and Say Goodbye (Manhattans) e110 . Kiss me more (Doja Cat) c522 . Laudate Dominum (1780 Mozart) d650 . Leave the door open (Bruno Mars) c690 . Let it Go (Elsa) e360 . Levitating (Dua Lipa) a181 . Listen Heart (DHT) d960 . Logic Three Art Two 논리삼三 예술이二 d170 . Lonely (Justin Bieber) c743 . Lost (Maroon 5) e191 . Love Again (Dua Lipa) a182 . Love Sacrifice 사랑 희생 d320 . Love you to want me (Lobo) e220 . Lovefool (Cardigans) d850 . .
* Make happy (Sheryl) e320 . Man Woman Word 남자의 말 여자의 말 a660. Mary Did you Know a540 . Meant for me (Jewel) c140 . Meet me at our spot (Anxiety) d660 . Mercy Compassion b961 . Miss Korea 미스 코리아 b870 . Mission Film 미션 영화 a520 . Mobarza b640 . Montero Call me by your name (Lil Nas X) e282 . Mood (24k Goldn) d670 . Mufillyou 무필유 無必有 c570 . My Ex's Best Friend (Machine Gun Kelly) c810 . My First Book 나의 처음책 a431 . Need to Know (Doja Cat) c520 . Nella Fantasia 넬라 판타지아 (Sarah Brightman) a522 . Never Ending Story (부활 이승철) e860 . North Korea 북한 c610 . Numb Little Bug (Em Beihold) d750 . .
* One more time (Britney Spears) d830 . One Right Now (Post Malone) d440 . Open Sesame 열려라 참깨 d720 . Pain Poor God Will 아픔 가난 하느님 뜻 b160 . Peaches (Justin Bieber) c740 . Positions (Ariana Grande) c761 . Pov (Ariana Grande) c760 . Power of Love (Celine Dion) d731 . Process Three Result Two 과정삼三 결과이二 c590 . Psycho (Dixie) d680 . Question Mark 물음표 d580 . Reckless (Madison Beer) d690 . .
* Salvation Love Loved 구원 사랑함 사랑받음 b190 . Salve Regina (Sister Act) e340 . Save your tears (Weeknd) d930 . Sea of Heartbreak (Poco) d840 . Señorita (Shawn Camila) d921 . Seoul 서울 c230 . Seoul Subway 서울 지하철 c730 . Seven Fun 일곱재미 c630 . Shape of my heart (Sting) e390 . Shape of Satan 사탄의 모습 b210 . Shivers (Ed Sheeran) c580 . Some Nights (Fun) d880 . Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) d911 . Sorrow to live 슬퍼서 살아야 하네 d470 . Squid Game 오징어 게임 c710 . Stay (Kid Laroi) c510 . Sunny (Boney M) b890 . Swaying Diet 팔흔드는 다이어트 d510 . Take it Easy (Eagles) e230 . Take me Home Country Roads (John Denver) d940 . Take You Dancing (Jason Derulo) e180 . Tears 소찬휘 b590 . Tell me Pretty (Brynn) e210 . Thats what I want (Lil Nax) a670 . The Sign (Ace.of.Base) e331 . Touch Love 윤미래 c380 . Trampoline (Shaed) d780 . .
* UN 공용어로 한국어 채택 a470 . Unbreak My Heart (Toni Braxton) d950 . Vague Half Df 애매曖昧 반반半半 차이점 a690 . Vincent Mclean a480 . Water Cold Hot 물 냉온 c820 . We Built City (Starship) d980 . We dont talk about Bruno (Encanto OST) c250 . We're Good (Dua Lipa) a183 . What is Pain? 아픔이란 무엇인가? c680 . What is Sin? 무엇이 죄인가? c950 . What you know bout love (Pop Smoke) d710 . When I need you (Leo Sayer) d870 . Who saw God? 누가 하느님을 보았는가? b230 . Wind Come Love Come 바람이 분다 사랑이 온다 c181 . Without You (Kid Laroi) c511 . Won Number 원불번호 d230 . You are Dust 너는 먼지이니 d620 . You broke me first (Tate McRae) d860 . You Got Friend (Carole King) e290 . You Right (Doja Cat) c521 . .
* 34+35 (Ariana Grande) c762 . 903호 아주머니 층간소음 해결방법 b240 . .